Our main goal is to provide fresh ingredients straight from the farm. We offer A la carte menu and a winelist with great variety of wines and Icelandic beer.


Menu example

  • Geirland´s special smoked lamb served with horseradish sauce and newly baked bread
  • Smoked Klaustursbleikja (local Artic Charr) with mustard sauce and newly baked bread
  • Wild Icelandic lamb with roasted root vegetables and red wine sauce
  • Panfried Klaustursbleikja (local Artic Charr) with mushroom risotto and wasabi beurreblanc sauce
  • The nationally famous homemade skyrcake with blueberry-redwine sauce

Skyr is an Icelandic product, made from milk, thicker than yogurt

Our breakfast buffet is hearty with fresh fruits, homemade bread, pancakes etc.



Our bar offers a big selecion of Icelandic local brewed beer as well as we have Icelandic gin, vodka, schnapps, liqueur and many of worlds most well known brands in the world of spirit.

We have a large LCD television at the bar, which we can air big events like Eurovision song  contest, Olympics, world and European championship in soccer. The LCD can also be used as a computer screen and for playing DVD if requested.

At our front desk we strive hard to assist the guest to organize their trips, give  information about weather forcast, bus and trips schedule as well as all important information.